Chris Hankey (Ongoing)

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About the artist…

As far back as I remember I have been fascinated by nature and weather from watching winter storms that role in throughout the year to observing the universe through my telescope, and long distance cycle touring, drawing, painting the Landscape and seascapes. Having this constant interaction with nature has had a profound effect on my philosophical outlook. I view consciousness as the universe becoming self aware that there is a deeply profound connection between consciousness and nature. In many ways our modern world has succeeded in distancing the majority of people from nature and I believe this is to our great loss. There is a creative energy to the way the sea, earth, atmosphere and artist interact, and light, it seems to me that there is the light of nature and also the light of consciousness through which we explore the world through a dynamic and creative relationship between our conscious selves and reality. I do not view the light of mind and the light of nature as separate creations but as interconnected natural phenomena emerging through the natural evolution of the universe and the laws of nature. So in essence I paint the creative fluid interaction between light, sea, weather and mind. Consciousness is the Universe becoming self aware and that is beyond sublime, and that is beautiful enough and wonderful enough for me.

  • Light, Porthcurno
    51 x 61 cms