David H Lewis (Ongoing)

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It was in 1961, that David Lewis squeezed into an Isetta Bubble car with his friend, their diving gear and camping equipment and made the, then, laborious journey down from Tamworth in Staffordshire to Lamorna, Cornwall to a British Sub Aqua Club meet. For David, it felt as though he had arrived in another country and he was instantly enthralled. He moved down to Penzance in 1968.  Initially employed in a drawing office, he quickly gave this up to work as a fisherman out of Newlyn. He has lived most of his life on the Penwith Peninsula in St Just. It is only in the last three years that David has turned his hand to painting. Being mature in years and with no formal training, he is amused to hear himself sometimes referred to as an emerging artist.
David works predominately in oils but, is always looking to use other media in the process – he makes sporadic use of a variety including ink, charcoal, acrylic and  chalk. He frequently enriches his work by combining materials gathered from the landscapes he is recreating.  He keeps planning to a minimum; stimulation and inspiration come from never being entirely sure how the finished work will materialise.  Working without a set pattern, the initial stages of a piece of work may involve something sketched quickly on the back of a receipt, a photograph or, more often, from his mind’s eye.  His intention is that the final painting never looks formulaic although his style, of course, may still be recognised. Some of his work can be identified by his dark, portentous skyscapes and unyielding granite outcrops.  Living through Cornish winters and spending some time at sea have given him an insight and a love of the dramatic skies and atmosphere created by the periodically inclement weather.  
  • 'Tin'
    60 x 60 cms
    Oil on Canvas
  • Can Kenidjack
    31 x 31 inches
    Oil on Canvas
  • Big Red
    30 x 24 inches
    Oil on Canvas
  • Somewhere near Morvah
    80 x 80 cms
    Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Pedn Vounder (Treen Beach)
    Mixed Media
  • Carn Kenidjack
    Mixed Media