Diana Purchas – Various scenes – ltd. ed. giclee prints available. (Ongoing)

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Diana Purchas has lived in West Cornwall for most of her life, graduating in 1999 from what is now University College, Falmouth with an Honours  Degree in Fine Art.

Having changed direction somewhat in the past few years from painting in oils, she now concentrates on collaging together detailed drawings in ink and watercolour of buildings which interest her.

Diana began these paintings initially from her love of Chapel Street, Penzance, where she had her first job in Cornwall over 40 years ago.  The purchase of these by the Union Hotel led to several commissions, including three works of the Barbican in Plymouth for the Michael Wood Gallery.   Her works are being sold in print and card form from various galleries across Cornwall and Devon.

Diana’s paintings are in private collections in this Country, New Zealand and in France and her prints have travelled all over the world as presents and reminders of life in Britain, particularly in Cornwall.

Diana started these works through her love of architecture, repetition, and the lively contrast between the iconic architecture of many of the old towns of Cornwall and the modern use of these buildings today.