Penny Rumble (Ongoing)

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​My studio is at home in Sancreed, Cornwall so weather permitting, I paint outside which means family and friends are always on hand to voice their opinions!I work largely in oils using a palette knife, large brushes and of course, my hands. I love building textures so painting on canvas or board is very satisfying as I can sand, scrape and re-paint until I’ve produced an exciting result.


The Past​I studied Zoology at Sheffield University and then moved into research at Cambridge for a couple of years. This training made me very aware of my surroundings and I love to analyse every detail of nature.
Later, I learned about colour, design and art history through my experience as an art and antiques dealer and began painting and drawing. Now I’m in Cornwall art is my life and my living.My notebook, sketch pad and camera are always with me when I’m outside and I work very quickly so that my response to the surroundings is immediate.
  • Where Land meets Sea
    50 x 39 cms
    Oil on Canvas