Tony O’Malley (1913 - 2003)

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The Irish artist Tony O’Malley (1913–2003) had a long connection with St Ives, having lived and worked in the town for 30 years. Looking at highlights of an extraordinarily productive career, the exhibition brings over twenty works from 1960 onwards. Nature and history form the basic themes in O’Malley’s highly distinctive paintings. Working intuitively, painting on everything from scraps of recycled paper and canvas to fragments of wood and slate, his works are suffused with an elemental energy, poised to transform nature into art.

Following his permanent return to Ireland in 1990 and undeterred by failing eyesight, O’Malley found new modes of expression. He continued working almost up to the time of his death in January 2003

  • Abstract - Ltd.Ed. 14/100
    20 x 16 Inches - Image size